Our story

Founded in 2017, Beany House is a coffee shop and coffee roastery offering high quality and ethically sourced coffee in Da Lat, Vietnam.

Through research and experience we are able to adjust the roast profile for each type of coffee bean, so we can bring out the best flavours and aromas of each varietal, processing method and origin.

Our products are influenced by our travels, our cultural backgrounds, the passionate people we work with, and diverse styles and flavours of the coffee beans we supply.

We love what we do and we want to share it with everybody.


Roasting is one of the most important parts of our process. So much work has already gone into the coffee beans we have selected, so it is our job to show off the unique flavours that are locked inside the green coffee.

We hand roast our coffee in a 15kg drum roaster to develop the flavours slowly over a period of 11-13 minutes. We believe that every type of coffee needs to be treated differently in the roaster, so that’s why we need to adjust our roast profile accordingly.

We constantly check the colour, temperature and aroma of the coffee so we can have as much control as possible throughout the roast process. We forensically document each roast, from temperatures to roasting times.

We hope that our dedication and passion for roasting come across in how our coffees taste.